We know that some of our customers love Belgain beer as much as we do but find the range and number of beers baffling. 

For years we have been organising private tutored beer tastings with the services of your own beer somellier.

These events are fun and informative. Tastings are held at The Dovetail in Clerkenwell and are ideal for birthdays, celebrations and team building.

Numbers are limited so everyone can get the most out of the event. 

The number and type of beers served varies but normally you would expect to taste nine different beers with complementary food parings.

Lasting around one and a half hours, a relaxed presentation by the Somellier introduces and explains the beers presented and how to select, pour and taste them. There is plenty of time to ask questions and chat to like minded participants.

Normally we have a minimum requirement of 10 people for a private beer tasting but from time to time we organise group beer tastings where you can join others  in smaller numbers. 

The next beer group tasting where individuals can join is on ……….

If you  would like to attend any of these dates for our Group Tasting then book here

Or if you would like to organise your own Private Beer Tasting then book here.